How to buy a pgfocus module?


I have a question about pgfocus board. We need a couple of zdrift correction module in our lab and Pgfocus sounds like a very good option. Is there any way that we can buy the pgfocus module? @kbellve

Hi Vahid,

Yes, it is possible to buy a pgFocus module although I rather everyone make their own.

I am more interested in finishing the pgFocus shield project rather than building the original pgFocus. Once I validate the shield, it would be simpler for others to build themselves rather the original pgFocus. Let me know your timeline (longer the better) and if you would be interested in a pgFocus shield.

I would have to go back into the design of the pgFocus shield and confirm everything…which would take longer, and order the boards…and actually validate it works. This could take a few months from beginning to end, assuming everything goes well.

Thank you for the response. We need the z-drift correction module as soon as possible, so most likely we cannot wait for a couple of months for the new module at this point. We have tried to make the module ourselves, however, the price gets quite expensive per board since we only need two or three at this point. That is why I was wondering if we can buy an already assembled module.

The parts can be pricey. I wasn’t going for inexpensive when I designed it because I didn’t know if it would work…so I went with higher quality and higher resolution DA, AD, and Op Amp chips… I do wish it was cheaper and simpler for people to build themselves.

Just a few questions if you don’t mind…

Does your lab/group have the expertise to handle the optics, which is to reflect a >800 nm beam off of a coverslip? To do this, one needs a cover glass/water interface (refractive index change).

Do you need the Analog to Digital part of pgFocus? This is the part that allows voltage pass-through to be sampled. It lets pgFocus adjust the focus point automatically.

Do you need the Digital to Analog part of pgFocus? This is the part that allows controlling voltage pass-through to be modified. This lets pgFocus maintain focus position in response to the light sensor.

The A/D and DA requires ± Voltage…which means an internal power converter from 5V.

Do you need the light sensor part of pgFocus? This is a 128 pixel sensor that determines focus location by a reflected beam.

The reason why I am asking if it might be possible to build a pgFocus like board now using simple breakout boards + arduino (or FPGA or Raspberry Pi)

For example, this board might work for sampling voltage, although its voltage range is limited but might be good enough: ADS1115 16-Bit ADC - 4 Channel with Programmable Gain Amplifier : ID 1085 : $14.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits

This board would have definitely have worked!
But it appears that it is no longer made. :frowning:

I do have two pgFocus available and I can build more.

We do have the expertise for handling the optics. Our lab develops microscopy techniques, that is why we need the z-drift correction module to be able to real time keep the sample in focus for live cell imaging. Therefore, we do need the AD and DA and the light sensor.
I was wondering how much the price is for the pgFocus board that you have available and how we can buy it.

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I couldn’t find anything that was a suitable replacement given that you need the full functionality of pgFocus. I will check the status of the two I have and get in touch directly.