How to arrange 24 images as one image

I have 24 images (CZI extension). The task will be to open each in FIJI, to save as a tiff, then to arrange those images for presentation in program like power point: 8 images per row, 3 columns.
Can I do same task in FIJI?
Thank you!

Morning :slight_smile: Open the images as a stack via:

  • dragging the folder in which the images are located into ImageJ or Fiji
  • File > Import > Image Sequence
    Once you have you image stack, play with making a montage via:
  • Image > Stacks > Make Montage

It could be that you first have to open all the CZI files one by one, then to make a stack of already opened images:

  • Image > Stacks > Images to Stack (the order of the images in the stack will be the order in which you opened the images).
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Thank you. Very helpful!