How to analyze orientation data from CellProfiler in R

Hello all,
I am seeking advice for the statistical analysis of cell orientation/direction values obtained from Cell-Profiler (coming as doubles in -90 to +90range) in my R script.
I need to compare mean cell orientation and homogeneity to compare different groups.
I stumbled upon “circular” package, in helpful post at ( which seemed useful for this purpose (using watson test and rayleigh test respectively).
Unfortunately in my case the data map on just half of the circle (because cells have no heads and/or tails:), so I am not sure I can use the analysis outlined there.
Can anybody help me to understand how to use the circular package for my needs or suggest another package/solution in R?
Thank you very much Vladimir

Found the solution on my own already, thanks to book on circular statistics:, just transform the data multiplying by 2, do all the statistics in circular package, divide the resulting angles by 2 at the end.

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