How to analyze femur bone density from DXA image?



Greetings friends,

I have DEXA images (currently working with .tiff files, hoping to get DICOM files) of individuals. I am looking to analyze changes in bone density of the femur pre and post surgery. Am I able to do this in bonej (from what I can tell, the answer is currently no)? If I can use bonej, could you please detail how? If not, do you have suggestions for a protocol to use? I am considering using Canny edge detection, but I am new to imagej and having quite a few difficulties finding my way around. Your help is greatly appreciated.


DXA is not explicitly handled by BoneJ.

If your images are calibrated in g/cm2, you can draw standardised ROIs and calculate T-scores from the areal density values. Make sure you are measuring calibrated pixel values, not raw ones, or pixels with the wrong units (like HU, or cm-1). You can check the image calibration via Image > Properties, and check out the image metadata with Image > Show Info…