How to analysis fluorescence intensity

Hi there,
I am a biology Ph.D candidate and I have a problem when working on my stuy recently. I want to analyze the fluorescence intensity of different region in a single picture. I have searched the ImageJ website, but I did not find the method and plugins to analyze the fluorescence intensity of a single picture. I noticed that there are only colocaliztion analysis and intensity vs time analysis. Is there anybody konw how to analyze the fluorescence intensity of single picture. I will deeply appreciate.

Hi @xinke -

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Would you be able to post an example image (preferably a raw dataset) and specifically explain what you want to measure. ‘Analyze fluorescence intensity of a single picture’ is a bit broad - so if you can help guide us with exactly what you want to measure - we can help show you how to do it using ImageJ.

In the meantime… you can read a bit more on the ImageJ wiki and take a look at these workshops to get a bit more background.

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Hi @etadobson,
Thanks very much for your reply. Here is my problem. I want to measure the fluorescence intensity of the cell membrane and intracellular respectively in the picture as below .

If you known the method, please tell me how to deal with it. I am a new fish about ImageJ and I am trying hard to work on it. Thanks for your suggestion.
Thank you once again.