How to add to an open table

There is a for loop in a imagej macro that opens images one by one and run a plugin for that image and the result of the calculations are sent to a table (many columns and each row shows an image) and then goes to the next image and so on.
The images are name 1,2,3,… and some of them are black and plugin is run only for non black images.
I wan to be able to have all images in the table (including black images) and for black images since the plugin can not be run just type zero for the values in the table.
How can I do that? I need a command to write directly into the table.
Thank you

By setResult(“Column”, row, value)



Do you know all available commands and their explanations are listed here?
And a brief overview of the programming language principles are listed on this page?

An approach to handling all images in a folder is also available.

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