How to add more than one custom button to right side of ImageJ panel

I want to put two buttons on imageJ panel. They are defined on the startup macro file:
(D:\GreenSoft\\macros\StartupMacros.txt) by inserting the code below to the end:

macro "ShiftDown Action Tool -C00fT0f18S" {

macro "ShiftUp Action Tool -C00fT0f18T" {

When I restart Fiji, I found that only the first button (S) showed, then there is a >> button on right side. Seems there is no room for the other button show up?

How can I let all the two buttons show?

what is your ImageJ version? I think in recent versions the number of buttons is not limited. The window will just grow when you add more buttons.
I tried (1.52p) and the two buttons show up fine on the FIJI StartupMacros toolset.
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I tried in 1.52p and found both plugin appeared. However, I found that the maximun number of customize button is 9. Any macro buttons beyond 9 does not show at all.

Yes, I made some more tests and the behavior is very strange. Sometimes I can put 7, sometimes 9. I have an old toolset with 13 buttons and that one is still working correctly.

To me it seems the behaviour is like this:

9 empty tool slots are given by default.
If you load less than 9 tools, the remaining slots are empty.
If you load more than 9 tools, the toolbar will expand up to 13 slots.
If you load more than 13 tools, the ones above 13 will not be shown.

For multiple tools to load at once, you either need to put them in the StartupMacros, or define a custom toolset which replaces the one by StartupMacros. You may load this from the >> menu. Or you may load it under Options - Startup. Do not load it under AutoRun in StartupMacros because you then get a macro thread conflict.

For example I have this line added to Options - Startup:
run(“Install…”, “install=[”+getDirectory(“macros”) + “toolsets\My Custom Tools.ijm”+"]");