How to add a new plugin page?



Not sure if this is the right place to ask… How do I add a new plugin page?
Some time ago I wrote some pages (e.g. the Auto Threshold and Auto Local Threshold pages listed here: )

Can I add new pages for those plugins in my Morphology update site?


The (probably) easiest way is to edit any other wiki page and add a link to your (future) page, e.g.:

[[Viscous Geodesic Reconstruction]]

After saving the page, the link is displayed in red because it’s linking to a non-existent page. You can click it and start editing the new page. The advantage of this method: your new page is immediately linked on at least one page and doesn’t remain “orphan”.

Another way is to simply put together a URL that points to the new page you’d like to create, such as:

Note: you need to be logged in to the wiki in order to be able to edit/create pages.


Perfect @imagejan, many thanks for the prompt response!