How to add a "Classify by specific features" into the workflow?

Hello everyone,
I am trying to automate as much as possible the analysis of my slides.
What I’m trying to search are 3 sub types of tumor cells, to do that I:

-Launch a cell detection
-Launch a Classifier that detect the tumor and non-tumoral cells

From here I want to “Classify by specific features”, add some threshold and define my different sub-types

Only here’s the catch : this last step does not appear to the workflow, therefore I cannot use it in the script to automate this step

My question is then : Do you know any ways for me to add this step to the workflow ? (The perfection would be a script with GUI)

Thanks for your time !

I would recommend taking a look at one or more of the classifier threads, like this one:

Despite the examples, the script isn’t restricted to fluorescence.

As with any scripts, they depend on your version of QuPath, and potentially on your exact project. Without sharing that, it isn’t possible to point you to anything closer.

General QuPath guide:

Pete’s multiplex classifier:

Machine learning classifiers can be run from a single command in a script once they are saved.