How to access a subset of the forum on a mobile device


Hello all,
I’d like to add one-click access to a subset of the forum on my iPhone, which will result in me getting addicted to answering Qs when I have a couple of minutes here and there.

If I go in the Safari web browser on the phone to, it goes to the right place but in the address bar, it displays only Unfortunately, this is the ONE thing that prevents me from adding as an “app” on my home screen in the iPhone (because the protocol is: 1. navigate to a site in Safari, 2. Click share button at the bottom of the screen 3. choose Add to Home Screen - but the URL that is added is Making a bitly or other short link suffers the same issue.

Do you suppose this is something to ask Discourse about? Or is there a setting that controls this?

I’ve already ruled out the iOS app for Discourse (and Android for that matter); it has the same issue of only showing the entire forum vs the tagged subset.

Ideas welcome!



I think you can add this shortcut via Apple’s Shortcuts app:

It’s a little annoying… but if you:

  1. Install the Shortcuts app via the App Store
  2. follow the instructions in the link above for “Create a new shortcut”
  3. Then you can add that shortcut to your homescreen by following these instructions:

That should do it. It’s a little convoluted - but then works for specific tags…

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Wow, what a great trick, that works!

More detail for step 2: your shortcut will be constructed of two steps, the first called “URL” and the second called “Show webpage”, which opens the browser with the desired URL.

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