How start a macro from toolbar

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I would like to start a macro from the imageJ toolbar. For that, i added this in the startupMacros file :

macro "Start Analyse Tool - C037L494fL4990L90b0Lc1c3L82a4Lb58bL7c4fDb4L5a5dL6b6cD7b" {

But, the problem is, when i click on the button, nothing happened. In order to run my macro, i need to open an image and click on the image. Is there a way to run my macro just by clicking on the button in the toolbar ?

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Your code create a simple Tool, but what you want is an Action Tool. From the documentation:

Action Tools
Tool macros with names ending in “Action Tool” perform an action when you click on their icon in the toolbar.

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Great ! It’s perfect now ! Thanks a lot imageJan !