How make a file like this in imagej

i am trying to identify the mineral phases based up on the gray scale 0 to 255 ratio.

. and i want to process this image into.

can any one help me or guide me in this topic


Welcome to the Forum!

So… I am not quite sure what it is you want to achieve… but it seems that what you want is to change the Look-Up Table (LUT)? You can select different LUTs via the LUT Menu because what you are dealing with is a pseudocolor image. As it says there:

“A LUT is literally a predefined table of gray values with matching red, green and blue values so that shadows of gray are displayed as colorized pixels. Thus, differences in color in the pseudo-colored image reflect differences in intensity of the object rather than differences in color of the specimen that has been imaged.”

Does this help? Is this what you wanted/needed?