How eliminate line artefact on an image?

Hello everybody,
I use imageJ quite often, but I don’t found a method to eliminate line artefacts on an image

I try process > fft > band pass filter but I not manage to eliminate lines.

Someone has an idea?

Thank you !

Hi Alban,
Your image is very difficult to correct. I quickly tried FFT, gray morphology with a vertical element and integral image filters without too much success.
ImageJ/Fiji may not be the most suited solution for processing AFM images, so you may want to try Gwyddion instead. It includes powerful algorithms for correcting height data (

It looks like your “lines” problem is multi-scale, that is, some lines are thin and some fat.

You will have trouble getting rid of that in the Fourier domain. On the other hand, it really helps your problems that the lines are only in 1 direction.

I would advise some sort of multi-resolution analysis technique, for example a discrete wavelet transform, on the Y direction only. You would run a threshold that is the opposite of the typical, because you want to get rid of the edges not preserve them. So you would want to experiment with a hard threshold, and then keep everything below it.

Last, you may or may not find you have enough information with all the lines gone. If you don’t you will want some kind of L1 inpainting technique.