How do I pan a zoomed image?

I’m relatively new to Micro-Manager. I have experience with ImageJ (mostly with Fiji) for zooming and drag to scroll to move displayed portion of the image.

How do I do drag to scroll (or similar) in Micro-Manager to move the zoomed portion of the image. So far I have only succeeded at zooming the center of the image with the zoom + button.

Thank you!

Switching to the ImageJ Hand tool let’s you drag the zoomed part. If you have mouse moves stage active, that may move the stage instead, and there may be a key (Ctrl, Alt, Fn, Shift?) that let’s you only drag the zoomed portion rather than the stage.

Thank you! (forehead slap)

I hadn’t thought of trying the ImageJ window and instead had been focusing on the Micro-Manager window.

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