How do I measure volume of 3D objects using Fiji ImageJ as per different phase labelling?

Hi All,

I am working on analysis of segmented image stack and then using a plugin in ImageJ, I want to measure the volume of 3D objects as per the different phase labels. The process I am following is importing the segmented image sequence - set scale - Image Stacks - 3D project with 10 deg rotation angle - ObjectCounter3D/Voxel counter. I tried using both OC 3D and Voxel counter but I am finding hard time to understand the results.

I wanted to know if I am following the right step to measure the volume of 3D objects as per different phase labels. Is there any other plugin in Fiji which I can use ?

Any help in this regards is appreciated. Thanks!!

Are you measuring the volume of different phases in a single 3D object or did you mean that each phase is its own object? If the latter, you could just get the pixel counts from the histogram. Either way, I am not sure what you are trying to accomplish with the 3D projection.

@Andrew_Shum Thanks for your reply. I am trying to measure volume of different phases in single 3D object.

Are there other objects in the image stack in addition to the object you are interested in? If not, or if you can mask them out, you could probably still just use histogram counts.

Hi Andrew,

We would like to gather the data such as Volume, Surface area, centroid etc. of 3 different available phases in the images.
Basically we are generating 3D object first by stacking the 2D images together and then try to perform 3D object analysis on it.
Do you think using histogram option will allow us to capture this information.

I see. If you want that other stuff as well, then no. The histogram counts would only help with determining volume. Unfortunately, I don’t have experience with 3D Objects Counter so someone else is going to have to help you with understanding the output. I assume you have already read the documentation but in case you haven’t you can find it here.

Thanks Andrew for your help, but yes we want all other stuff as well. I appreciate your help!!