How do i get measurements in µm in Fiji SNT?

Dear swarm intelligence,

does one of you know how to calculate from Fiji SNT measurements to µm (cable length for example) or how to set the scale for said measurements?
Also do you know in what units the measurements are taken in SNT? Is it possibly already in µm?
(which of course would be the best :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:)

thanks in advance!

Measurements are always in physical units. In ImageJ, you can read those using:

  1. The image subtitle (the string of text below the title of image window)
  2. Image → Show Info command
  3. Image → Properties… command
  4. Analyze → Set Scale… command
    (and probably many others that I’m forgetting to mention)

Below is a screenshot of an image subtitle:

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Thank you again Tiago,
i found it and also feel a bit stupid for ot seeing what was right in front of me the whole time. So that means, that measurements are always (if the scale is not disabled) already in µm, right?

Yes! We could try to make it more obvious. I opened a low-priority issue with this request here: Feature request: Report in an obvious manner spatial units of measurements · Issue #52 · morphonets/SNT · GitHub

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