How could I calculate the heart rate of zebrafish in the video by Image J

Hi,I’m using Image J for the first time and want to caculate the heart rate of zebrafish in the video by this software,but i opened the AVI file and couldn’t find the ways to go on.And i knew someone did it successfully by searching literature without the specific steps.If anyone could help me and i’ll sincerely appreciate it.


This seems to be a nice, pretty straightforward publication explaining Quantifying Cardiac Functions in Embryonic and Adult Zebrafish by Hoage et al. They really give a step-by-step procedure for the measurements in ImageJ. Perhaps you can do the same or slightly modify based on your own dataset?

Hope this helps a bit.



Thank you very much firstly.I couldn’t believe that someone would reply to me so quickly.And I read the paper you mentioned to me,It’s a pity that there isn’t my answer.I hope the software can calculate the rate in the video because there will be lots of samples,but what the paper introduces is the method of manual counting.Anyway,I do appreciate your reply.