How can we analyse the 2D SEM images in the form of 3D SEM images to calculate the coating parameters?

We have SEM images of copper coated tubes and from these images we have to find out the coating parameters(pore density, pore size and porosity) using ImageJ software. SEM images of tube represent 2D images and their results will be different as compared to 3D images of same tube. Then how can we find the 3D SEM images from 2D SEM images for analysis purpose? 2D results have a large deviation compared with 3D results,therefore the value of threshold can not be determined by manual setting, it must be set according to mathematical method. Is there any mathematical methods which gives the better result?

Is there any literature on which you based this argumentation? If so, I bet they would also suggest the mathematical methods to be employed here.

In any case, it would be helpful if you post an example image so others can provide more specific help.

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