How can I type or paste Chinese charaters to image directly?

I am using ImageJ 1.50i on Ubuntu with Fcitx Chinese Input Method. The problem is that Chinese character can’t either be added directly by the input method or be pasted into Text box from other editor. The input method can’t be called out in both Text selection on image and Text Window from Plugins Menu. But the characters can be pasted into Text Window, so there is a indirect solution to add them by running Macro drawString("中文", 10, 80).

The typing problem is same for CJK characters, I guess.


Sorry for the delay in reply, @BlueToDo.

Unfortunately, I do not think the ImageJ 1.x text ROI was developed with non-ASCII characters in mind. There are similar problems when typing, e.g., accented characters on OS X via combinations like Fn+e, e.

Your workaround of drawing it via a macro might be the best you can do right now.

If you have programming skills, you could take a look at the TextRoi class to investigate further.

I have filed an issue about it: imagej/imagej1#22.