How can I turn my .tif CT image into a colormap?

CG_EPSRC_MF406_270115093.tif (339.8 KB)

Hi all,

I am hoping to colour map my grayscale CT image you can see above. I’d like to colour map the differences in density throughout the section.

I am hoping to create a figure using this image to show mineral density changes in this section of tissue.

I have looked throughout the Image —> Colour tab, but it has not produced anything I am looking for. What step am I missing here?

Many thanks!

Your image is RGB, so it is already colored.

One workaround to try is

  1. open your image
  2. Image->Type->8-bit
  3. Image-> Lookup Tables and choose something that you like.

Also don’t forget Image->Adjust->Brightness/Contrast [Auto]

Wow, that was easy! Thank you so much @ekatrukha for the fast reply! Is there a way to apply a scale bar to this?

Analyze-> Set scale… first
Analyze-> Tools-> Scale bar… second