How can I solve this problem with create_labeled_video_3d function!

Hi everyone!
I want to make 3D image with this function(deeplabcut.create_labeled_video_3d) and it printed this error.
Could anyone let me know how can I solve this problem?
The below is the error.error

can you post the rest of the error message? Seems perhaps you have a strange naming convention (see Key Error "-โ€™โ€™

The rest of the error is like this

Now I solved this problem!
This is because of skeleton parameter in config file.
I set this parameter like this - Doll , so it printed error.
But now I set it like this - - Doll
- Doll ,
it doesnโ€™t print error and works well :smile:

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okay great, then at least the key error did make sense :slight_smile: