How can I solve this problem(ImportError: HDFStore requires PyTables)?

Hi There!
I’m using deeplabcut to image analysis, but there is a problem about format conversion.
When I label all the selected frames and I clicked the save button, there are messages about format conversion that said " ImportError: HDFStore requires PyTables, 'DLL load failed: ’ problem importing."
I did all the possible ways but it didn’t work.
I think that the problem is on the pytables and should I upgrade pytable to the state of art?

Hi Walter,

Try this, it should fix your problem:

conda install -c conda-forge pytables

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yes, the conda install works as @menor suggests, and i’m guessing you are a windows user (as it seems no one w/ubuntu has hit this issue) we highly recommend using the supplied conda env, as they (have seemingly) worked for everyone.

Perhaps the annotations were correctly stored as csv file (before the program crashed), so once you got everything installed correctly, you can also convert the csv file to (the required) h5 file without losing your annotation data.

Simply use
to do this.

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