How can I measure several frames before and after the actual tracking event?

Hi, I believe I did not find the answer to the question I have. I am tracking single toxin molecules that bind to the cell and measure the intensity of my target protein (it gets recruited to the membrane) in the same spots. How can I measure several frames before and after the actual tracking event? I need this to have a baseline for the protein level before and after the event, as those will vary for each track. This would require to measure intensity in the position of the first detection/spot for a few frames before and after the spot was tracked. I know I could do it by writing a separate script for Python or Matlab and simply use the coordinates from the report table on the tracks, but if such functionality is already included in some of the extras for TrackMate, it would save me a lot of time :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hello @Simona_Kava

No there is no built-in functionality.
In your case, is it feasible to edit tracks manually?

Hello @tinevez, thank you for your reply! I get roughly 100-200 tracks per cell after the filtering, so that’s too many to modify manually. I guess the way to go then is to try making a Python or Matlab script to solve this. Will be my summer-holidays project :slight_smile:

Yes in that case I would do that.
Simply get the XYZ coordinate of the first and last spots, and create new ones with the same coordinates that you would prepend or append to the track.

Maybe keep us posted? It is an interesting application of scripting.
Good luck!

Yes, I will keep you updated :wink: I hope for a rain summer, then it is easier to spend time at the PC :slight_smile: