How can I manually assign labels to ROIs?

As in the “multi-point” tool or the “cell counter” plugin, I want to manually categorize different particles. Is there any way I can assign labels (e.g. Type 1, Type 2, etc.) to particles while linking/assigning them to the ROI? What I want is a result table with all measurements and an additional column with the manual categorization.

Thank you!

Hello Lee -

Thanks to @LThomas, yes there is.

See this thread / post of his:

I think you will need to update to a recent daily build to get it:
Help > Update Imagej...

Thanks, mm


@Wayne also did a lot for these new functionalities :slight_smile:

I just put up this PDF yesterday actually, that summarize the new functions.
Hope that helps !
RoiGroup.pdf (660.6 KB)


That’s great! Thanks a million!!