How can I join two ObjectJ project files in one?

I am a new user of ImageJ. I have been analyzing tree rings samples and started making one project file per tree, with all its sub-samples in the project. But at some point I will need to analyze sub-samples from different trees (which are in different project files) in a same project file. Is it possible to copy all the objects and results of one project and paste the on a linked image from another project, or simply join two project files?

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By “project files” do you mean TrakEM2 projects?

Thank you @ctrueden. Nice to find this forum here!
I am using objectJ, as there is a very easy way to measure tree rings with this plugin.

The author of ObjectJ, Norbert Vischer, is the best person to answer your question. But I do not think he participates in this forum. I have invited him to this thread via Discourse’s “Invite” mechanism.


Hi bblc,

unfortunately you cannot easily merge two project files in ObjectJ


Dear Norbert,

I have been using the tree ring project from ObjectJ for while and have made some alterations in the macros that I think may be useful for the public in general, especially R users. Do you know who was the person that developed the tree ring project, so I can contact her/him?