How Can I Integrate Ilastic tool on the AWS server.?

I am looking to integrate Ilastic tool on AWS server. I have an AWS cloud server although it is not a conventional hosting server. Instead, it is the managed version of AWS server which is managed by the third party host named Cloudways. The server configurations are:

vCPU 2
Storage 20GB
Bandwidth 2GB

So, is there any tutorial or any guide explaining the process of integrating the Ilastic tool to the AWS server. I have researched for it through out the community. But, couldn’t find any way.

Hi @MariaCorley,

I also don’t know of any tutorial that happens to cover such a set up. From the website you have linked to it seems like this AWS cloud server service seems to be aimed at providers of web-sites? I am not sure how fitting the setup is for ilastik. You would need a remote desktop connection to it. Furthermore the specs are really not that impressive (8GB ram, 2cpus is something you have in every laptop these days). Is there a particular reason you want to use this server for ilastik?