How can I import a raw image in ImageJ

I am new in imageJ. i need to analyse some raw photos. But I am trying to import it adding the info of the raw file but nothing. I can’t even upload it here jajajaj. the file is 6022 x 4020. This is the only info I know from my photos

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What happens if you File>Import>Raw and point to the file?

Do you mean the extension of the file is .raw and the image sensor is 6022x4020, or did you find out that the number of bytes in the file is 24208440 (grey, 8 bit), 48416880 (grey, 16 bit), 72625320 (RGB, 8 bit)or 145250640 (rgb, 16 bit) bytes in size?

Can you upload the zipped version of the file if the above doesn’t help?

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I took a picture in raw, the file is CR2. When I do that procedure and put the data I mentioned and opened an error file. This is the link of one picture:

Have a look at this plugin and please report back if it helped you.

(Shouldn’t that work and you are on a mac, you can use Preview, open the CR2 file, export it as TIFF and open in ImageJ.)

It works! thank you! I was cracking my head with this issue.

Thanks a lot!


Just had a question. When I import my raw 3D image it doesn’t load the complete image
Here is the link to the data :
Now, there are 16 images, help on any of them would be fine. I think that it might have something to do with the number of images to open when you import the raw file on ImageJ.
Also, is there any way I can determine the depth, width, and number of sequences of the image.