How can I export full resolution multicolor images as they are shown in screen?

I have an image with 4 channels and they are pseudocolored. The image also contains TextRois for annotations.

How can I export the full resolution version of the image in RGB bitmap as it is shown in screen, i.e. with pseudocolors and annotations? Typical Save As… menu doesn’t seem to allow this.

At the moment the closest I’ve found is to take a screenshot, but of course, the resolution is poor.

If you know how to do it, please let me know! I’m hoping that somebody else must have developed a plugin or something.

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please post one of those 4-channel images as TIF-file in a ZIP-archive and post a screenshot as RGB PNG-format showing how you would like to save this 4-channel image.



Hi @kouichi-c-nakamura,

you could try:

  • Image > Color > Stack to RGB to convert all displayed channels into a single RGB image, and
  • Image > Overlay > Flatten to keep the annotations.
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Thanks, imagejan. Your simple tricks are working well!!!

Here’s an Imagej script in JavaScript for this purpose.


# @ File (style="save") filename
This script allows you to save the image at the full resolution as it is shown on the screen.
Pseudocolored multichannel images are converted to RGB.
ROIs will be flattened into pixels.

Written by Kouichi C. Nakamura Ph.D.
MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit
University of Oxford
31-Oct-2018 11:11:10




imp = IJ.getImage();, "Stack to RGB", "keep");
imp2 = IJ.getImage();

imp3 = imp2.flatten();,filename);



For each of your channel,

  1. Click on the image and Duplicate it to have it in a separate channel (Shift+D)
  2. Image - Type - RGB Color
  3. Save as Tiff
    Your image should be saved at its original quality.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: