How and where to get plugin for ImageJ


I am a new user of Image J. I recently downloaded Image J for my image analysis. I need some special plugin (particular stitching plugin) and other plugin as well. But I don’t know how to get those plugin into my Image J. When I read Image J documentation, I can understand how to use those plugin but I could not find how to install those plugin into my Image J software. Please help me how to do that?

thank you

Hi @win

well, if the plugin you want to install is not available through an update site, then indeed, the documentation on the imageJ wiki is incomplete (missing a link in the section).
However here there you can find more details.

If your plugin is available as a jar-file. You can simply drag and drop the file on the imageJ main window. Alternativly you can put the plugin-file in the directory (On a mac you have to right click on the > Show Package Contents to browse to the directory.
After having installed one way or the other you should restart your ImageJ.


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