Hough circle plugin

Dear all and dear @Llamero,
maybe it’s beacuse I am not fully awake but how can I install your hough circle plugin?

thank you,
Emauele Martini

@emartini did you follow the installation instructions on that page?


I was sleeping, I didn’t find them
thank you @imagejan

I’ll take that as a good sign for the forum: asking questions here is easy enough that even sleeping people prefer typing the question than hitting Ctrl-F in their browser on the wiki page :wink:

I sometimes wonder if this forum makes asking even too easy …


Installation usually only happens once, whereas you might want to read about usage a few times before achieving your goals… Also, if I don’t know the plugin yet, I’d just like to get a first impression of its abilities by reading this page.

Additionally, plugin installation always follows (or should follow) the same pattern anyhow: activate update site, restart ImageJ.

But feel free to edit the documentation to your liking: it’s a wiki :wink:

Given your feedback, we might consider adding an Update site entry into the infobox for plugins on the wiki.

Edit: I edited the infobox template to allow for an update site parameter, and added that information to the plugin page.


One quick heads-up, the output part of the wiki hasn’t been updated yet (things are insanely busy right now). Instead of the single pixel maps, the new output maps are filled circles with either the Hough score as intensity, or the circle ID as intensity.