Histogram cut with ixon camera

We have a recurrent problem when using an ixon camera on micromanager : When the signal is weak, it sometimes happens that the histogram is cut at 100 in a brutal way. It is not only the offset of 100 automatically applied to the camera, but a clear cut of the histogram: the lowest values are not present. The problem does not appear when we use the Andor Solis software for acquisition. Does anyone have an idea?
Thanks !

I haven’t experienced that, but I can try to replicate. What year is the camera? Are you using a recent nightly build? Thanks you should probably contact Andor service, because they are the ones who maintain the device adapter.

The histogram you posted doesn’t really show the problem you’re describing. And it’s for an RGB image, so not the raw file from the Andor. Can you post a screenshot of the histogram directly from Micro-Manager or, even better, one of the image files?


Thank you for your answer.
I have tried several versions of micromanager 1.4. I will try micromanager 2.0 later today. I have had this non-systematic problem for quite a long time, and only for weak signals but it is becoming annoying for our experiments. I contacted Andor about 3 years ago who advised me to optimize the acquisition parameters, which is not always obvious. The camera is from 2009. Here is an example of an image:
e1-1.tif (513.7 KB)
Thanks again !

I see that your image doesn’t have any pixel values <100. When I try my camera, I don’t have a set floor like that. Sorry, I don’t know what the issue is. I’d be sure that you use the latest compatible Andor Driver Pack SDK and a recent nightly build of Micro-Manager. You could also try increasing the EM gain to see if that brings your signal above that floor.

Sorry I can’t help more.

Thank you for your answer. We will try to increase the gain when it happens again.