High background - 3D (IMARIS/ImageJ)

I’m trying to recreate a neat visualization (+ subsequent segmentation for quantification) of the following 3D dataset (“side view”+ “top view”) using Imaris. Since I was afraid to bleach my signal (B220-AF647) I used a very high gain and therefore collected along a lot of background. However, we can clearly distinguish the signals from the background.

I tried Background Removal (“After processing”) and then to segmentate (“Segmentation”). However, I am not entirely satisfied with the end result. How would you proceed? I also tried Deconvolution but the difference is not very high. Thank you in advance for your inputs!

After processsing.tif (2.4 MB) Segmentation.tif (2.6 MB) Side view.tif (606.0 KB) Top view.tif (1015.9 KB)