Hi, i need help on separating overlapping starch particles

Hello there!

I am new at ImageJ processing, therefore my lack of knowledge leads me to this forum.

Getting to the point is that I need to run particle counting and sizing on starch particles, however my images often have overlapping starch particles and watershedding won’t help separating each particle. I’ve tried some online tutorial like gaussian blurring but to no avail. Also tried to do it manually but a single picture took me more than 30 minutes (I am not really familiar about imageJ options and functionality).

The data that i need to extract from the image are total particle numbers, particle diameters, number of occurring particle from each range (Very small: <5um ;Small:5-10um ;Medium:10-25um ;Large:>25um).

I have no prior knowledge about programming and not sure if i can run an automated analysis on my samples and the overlapping particles is a problem.

Many thanks if anyone can help me.


Sample images:

Some particles of your images are highly overlapping and clustered.

I would try the “ParticleSizer” plugin from @twagner:

Thanks for the response sir!
If you don’t mind, can you tell me a few things about this plugin…
I mean, can this plugin produce an image that allows “Analyze Particle” , or it has its own options to do the same thing.
I need the result to be available at least as .csv files .

and I’ve tried running a macro from this place https://publiclab.org/notes/SimonPyle/05-13-2016/automating-imagej-for-particle-image-analysis ,and edited some of the parameter. If I were to use ParticleSizer plugin, can i put the command into the macro to produce “Analyze Particle” with show outline and .csv file as result?