Help with zooming cell profiler analyst classifier thumbnails


I am using cell profiler analyst to classify bacteria (red) related to actin (green). The issue I have is that the thumbnails that the classifier fetches are zoomed in way too much onto the bacteria (see first image attached). Ideally what I would like to have are thumbnails that are zoomed out enough for me to see how the bacteria are related to actin (see second attached image generated in image).

Image 2

I have tried the zoom tool but all it does is enlarge or minimize the thumbnails. The only other option I have is to open the actual image and manually pick out the bacteria I want to classify. This is a lot of work as I have hundreds of images that need to be analyzed and cycling through the images with the desired bacteria phenotypes is time-consuming.



Hi @Leo_Mv,

Try opening your properties file in a text editor, scrolling down till you find the tile size and increasing the number found there. Then save the properties file and reopen and see if that solves your issue.

==== Other ====

Specify the approximate diameter of your objects in pixels here.

image_tile_size = 50

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Hi @lmurphy,

I tried this and it works perfectly. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated

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