Help with using the plugin image_montage

Hi there. I’m hoping I have come to the right place! I’m having real difficulty using the image montage plugin in ImageJ, and hoping theres someone here who could help me? It just won’t seem to load my images no matter what I do. I’ve tried pointing to the file and the data file, but still nothing. It keeps saying there are no images and producing a blank canvas. I must be making a really basic error, but don’t have the knowledge to work it out.

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I think you need to provide us with a bit more information… what tool are you using exactly? The built-in Montage… command? If so - are your images stacks? This is a requirement. Is there another tool you are using instead? Such as Multi Stack Montage?

What is the exact error that is occurring as well? What is the error message reported?

If you can provide us an original image file that you are using… either upload directly here or share via a link to a file-sharing site (such as Dropbox) - that would be best for us to help you.

Hi there.

No its not the built-in montage I’m having problems with, thats seems to work fine. It’s the plugin/macro ImageMontage.

So I’m trying to create a montage of around 4,500 images ordered by the hue, much like example visualisations of 33,292 Instagram photos shared in Tel Aviv. I’ve tried pointing to the folder directory, and a data file of the filenames, but it just keeps loading up blank canvases. It’s like it can’t see/find the images.

I’ve also tried using the measurements .txt file that ImagePlot produces, but had no results.

Maybe I need to point to a .txt file with all the filepaths within it. But I’m not sure how to produce that so any help/pointers would be much appreciated!

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I invited the authors of this tool to join this thread… let’s see if they respond.

I haven’t used this tool myself - so I am a bit limited in how much I can help. To try… from what it sounds like - a montage is generated and displayed - but it’s all black. Is that correct? Perhaps it’s just a rendering issue - try adjusting the Brightness/Contrast…. See if that reveals anything.

Too - as the authors point out on the link you shared:

If you see that the generated montage does not include all source images, change the options to reduce the size of images and/or increase canvas dimensions, and run the macro again.

Perhaps try reducing the size of images or increase the canvas dimensions as a first test?

Too - be sure to check the image source info on their site as well:

Image Source: Lets you choose the method for image selection. Folder uses all the images in a specified folder. Folder and Subfolders find all the images in both the specified folder and all subfolders. Data File lets you specify a tab-delimited text file with a column of image filenames to use. Data File as Filepaths works like the Data File option but expects absolute paths to the files instead of just filenames.

Which option are you currently using?

Oh, great, thank you. Hopefully they can help.

I’m not sure if its a rendering issue. Only because in the Log window (see image attached) it says zero against the number of images.

I tried making the canvas huge (25,000 x 25,000 px) and the images only 10px, but still no joy. It just keeps coming up with the blank white canvas, as seen in the attached.

I’ve tried selecting the Folder option, and the Data File of filenames option. As all my files are in one place, and I’m not sure how to produce a .txt of filepaths. But maybe thats the answer.

Do you maybe know if theres another way I can make image montages by ordering all the images by hue? I’ve generated a .txt file with all the measurements in. Maybe theres another macro that can do the same thing?