Help with some yeast applications


Former Broadie here. Just started grad school. I’m attempting to turn my small yeast lab into a more Broad-like kind of place in a way.
I was counting colonies the other day and then stopped because I had a hunch something like this existed. Did some googling and here I am.
I’m definitely interested in learning the program so that I don’t have to get help every time something new comes up. But for now:

I attempted to combine the colony counting and yeast patch tutorials into one pipeline. I have a couple complications that I couldn’t work out.
I’m using regular petri dishes and subdividing them by drawing lines in blue marker. I couldn’t figure out how remove those lines in the background correction, though I saw them disappear in the blue channel image (I don’t fully understand this). What I’d like to measure isn’t as cut and dry as the gridding example either. I’m growing cells on two different types of media. On one, I’d like to measure the redness of the streak (individual colonies are not apparent). On the other, I’d like to measure the number/size/color of the colonies within each grid. I’m attaching the two image examples. If these images are too difficult, that’s fine. What should I do in the future? Avoid writing on plates?


Hi Ryan,

A previous thread addressed a question similar to yours; take a look and see if it’s close enough.

The gist of it is, I would discourage writing on the plates since it poses a difficult image analysis problem. Using a consistent masking image should obviate some of these issues.


Interesting. I missed that thread when I searched the forum.
I’ll try that approach for these plates and see if I can get it to work.