Help with saving/appending BoneJ 'analyse skeleton' results in macro mode

Hi all,
Quick question on APPENDING the results window when running BoneJ plugin in batch mode… I have 500 images that have been skeletonized, and would like run the ‘analyse skeleton’ function in the BoneJ plugin and save the results for all in one file with the name of the image… NOTE: unlike other functions in imageJ, this one clears the results window after each image. Three years ago I thought I figured this out, as I have a macro that ran this that apparently worked:

dir1 = getDirectory("Choose Source Directory ");
list = getFileList(dir1);
for (i=0; i<list.length; i++) {
     showProgress(i+1, list.length);
     title = getTitle();

run("Clear Results");
run("Analyse Skeleton", "prune=none");
print(title,nResults,getResult("# Branches",nResults-4),getResult("# Junctions",nResults-4),getResult("Average Branch Length",nResults-4),getResult("Maximum Branch Length",nResults-4));

I am re-running some research I’ve done before, and I have the results file from there, so that’s why I thought this worked at one time, but this code gives me an error message on the second image.

Can someone please point out where I’m going wrong? (I know it’s in the ‘print…’ line, just not formatted correctly, I’m assuming… and I can’t spend hours on this one macro :confused:
Much appreciated!

It would help if you could either A) paste the exact error message; or B) share the folder of data you are attempting to analyze.

You might also like to try using the same version of BoneJ as you did 3 years ago, especially if you are trying to reproduce results. A few things may have changed since then.