Help with pattern recognition

Hi guys-

I have some images derived from spatiotemperal analysis of smooth muscle contractions of the bladder. The yellow and red parts are intensity of contraction with shades of blue being relaxation and black being neutral

I would like to use Image J to analyze the image and give me the average slope (speed of propagation) and also duration of contraction (which would be the thickness of the yellow/red slopes)

Any help please?

Hi @Squirell007,

It’s not clear to me which slope you want to measure, but if the vertical axis is time, one of the kymograph analysis tools might help.

For measuring the thickness of certain areas manually, you can use the line tool.

For measuring automatically, you will first need to segment the interesting regions (separate the “yellow/red” areas from the others). You could try Colour Deconvolution with custom vectors. As an alternative, you could try to get the original data; that is most likely a grayscale image that was viewed with a custom LUT to produce the color image you posted. Then you could threshold that grayscale image to isolate the interesting areas.

Hope this helps.