Help with NIDAQ and micromanager

Hi and thank you for micro-manager.

I’m trying to configure my Nikon Tie2 to fully work with micro-manager.

I have two cameras on it, this is the setup.

What I got to work.
Everything in the microscope through the Nikon Control (Ti e2).
The two cameras. (Andor and PCOedge)
SpectraX light source. (although not the ttl mode).

What I can’t make work and need help with:
The NIDAQ (that I need to for the emission filters, and at the same time use the system in triggering mode). (This happens with any autodetectedoutputport selection)


When using Andor iXon this should be the setup for triggering The spectraX can be controlled by TTL as well):


I tried version 19.x and 20.x of the NI drivers.

For the PCOedge 4.2BI:

Any hints on how to get this going? Without the NIDAQ I can’t ever switch my emission filters.