Help with names of image files

I am currently doing color deconvolution on multiple IHC images which are belong the same tissue.
I am trying to create multichannel multiplex image by merging IHC channels and one nuclear channels created from those images.

For example


After color deconvolution with H-AEC model. I get 3 colour channel for each image;
20_B-5_PD-L1.tif - Colour 1
20_B-5_PD-L1.tif - Colour 2
20_B-5_PD-L1.tif - Colour 3

I pick Colour 2 channels as IHC staining and do color invertion. I also pick Colour 1 as nuclear channel from a selected image and do color invertion as well.

Afterwards I merge 5 channels with below names:
20_B-5_CD20.tif - Colour 2
20_B-5_CD3.tif - Colour 2
20_B-5_CD68.tif - Colour 2
20_B-5_PD-L1.tif - Colour 2
20_B-5_PD-L1.tif - Colour 1

20 is TMA block number
B-5 is TMA core coordinate in a TMA (each TMA has 250 cores).

My question is; how can I define channel colors with specific names because I would like to use colors for different markers

red = "Red_" + imgName + ".tif";

This example above uses just one marker (as imgName implies) and I need to improve it to merge multiple markers like I explained above.

red = "Red_" + imgName + ".tif";
blue = "Blue_" + imgName + ".tif";
grays = "Grays_" + imgName + ".tif";
Cyan = "Cyan_" + imgName + ".tif";
Green = "Green_" + imgName + ".tif";
run("Merge Channels...", "c1=["+red+"] c2=["+green+"] c3=["+blue+"] c4=["+grays+"] c5=["+cyan+"] create keep");

Something like above but for different images not the same image. Problem is imgName gets the same marker all the time…

I hope I could explain my problem…