Help with Larger Dialog Box Size


I am currently running ImageJ 1.53e. My dialog box is small where it is is not displaying the full title/comment. I can resize manually but prefer for it to be large enough to read the title/comment. Thanks for your help.

makeRectangle(364, 260, 474, 477);
run(“Clear Outside”);
title = “Square Boundary”;
Dialog.create(“Check to redo boundary”);
Dialog.addCheckbox(“Change Boundary”, false);;
redrawBox = Dialog.getCheckbox();


I think the easiest way to achieve what you want is to add the instruction text as a message to the dialog box using Dialog.addMessage(string) as shown below.
Hope this helps,

Dialog.addMessage("Check to redo boundary");
Dialog.addCheckbox("Change Boundary", false);;
redrawBox = Dialog.getCheckbox();

Hi Volko

That works and thank you for your help!!