Help with ImageJ 3D Viewer plugin


I am trying to use the 3D viewer plugin to convert a binary image stack to a 3D interactive model. I am trying to use the volume maker feature in the plugin, however after I try to add the Image Stack and enter the threshold, color, and other information, nothing seems to happen (The plugin simply shows a black screen). What may be the possible causes of this? Might the input parameters not be ideal for the image stack being imported, or is there a software/configuration issue?


Does the Test Java3D command work? (Plugins > Utilities > Debugging)

If you’re using Fiji,
– install Java 8 (the Oracle JDK works for me) and
– enable the Java-8 update site, if you haven’t already.

I also recommend ClearVolume as an alternative for very easy, fast viewing of 3D data (that’s also a Fiji update site you can enable).

Hope it helps.

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I tried searching for that command but wasn’t able to find it. Might it have been removed in the latest version of the program?

Never mind, I have found the command in Fiji. The test works but trying to view the image stack still does not. Any thoughts?

You have the Java-8 update site enabled? Or not?

Unfortunately, the new version of Java 3D still has a few critical bugs. You may have run into one of them.