Help with identifying Angiogenic Tubules


I have been trying to use the new neurons module to analyse some angiogenic tubule pictures. However, angiogenic tubules have no seeding point, so I am struggling to get CP to identify the ends of the tubules in order to mark these as seed points for the neuron analysing module.

Anyone got any ideas?



Can you detect the tubules with identify primary?
I remember “identify primary” sometimes creates longitudinal artefacts, that it detects, maybe you can detect your tubules also. Also if the beginnig or end of the tubules are slightly brigther or dimmer than the rest of the tubule you can set a threshold with that and use a low diameter to identify those points and use them as seeds.
By the way, I just realized that the module Morph has an endpoint function which leaves only ends of branches, you may give a try as seeds.

Hi mocap,

Could you post a couple of example images?