Help with colocalization and Excel

I am new to Cell Profiler, and I am trying to work with tissue samples. I am trying to count cells that express CD68(green) and SM22alpha(red) but I am having trouble detecting the double positive cells(i think its because of the CD68 staining). The other issue that I am facing is with the “ExportToSpreadsheets” module. I keep getting a pop-up that says"Data not written to spreadsheets in test mode". I have attached my pipeline here.

SmoothMuscleCells.cpproj (762.3 KB)


-The only thing that jumps out at me from looking at your pipeline is that your FilterObjects model is set up very strangely and is probably not necessary; by the end of your second MaskObjects you should have only the double positive cells. Without images and more explanation of the exact issue it’s hard to tell.

-Sounds like you’re running in test mode- instead of hitting “Start Test Mode” hit “Analyze Images”.

Good luck!