Help with 3D CP 4.0.7 pipeline

as this current version of CP doesn’t allow identify primary object in the 3D version, I am using a watershed option to segment the image stack. I am getting still a really nice quantification for this. The problem is, I would really benefit from having the function to filter out very small (and very large but less a problem) objects as it will make the average quantified length more accurate. Is there a function available for me to do this in another way? Thanks!

Hi @amycaitriona,

For 3D filtering, you can use the FilterObjects module, which will allow you to set limits using any measurements made on your objects. In your case, you’d want to first have a MeasureObjectsSizeShape module to measure your objects and then you can set limits on the volume. I’ve included an example of filtering using a minimum size below.

I hope this helps!

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