Help using TurboReg macro




I’m using the TurboReg plugin to register 2P calcium imaging data. I am trying to write a macro that does what I now do manually, but my total lack of programming\macroing knowledge is preventing me from doing so. I already tried looking at all of the examples available online but for the reason mention above i couldn’t make them work for me.

What I need the for the macro to do (what I do manually now) :

  1. open the same files twice
  2. open the TurboReg plugin
  3. run TurboReg with the following option checked : rigid body + accurate in batch mode
  4. save the registered file

I will greatly appreciate any kind of help…



Welcome to the Forum! Don’t worry about being new to scripting in ImageJ/Fiji… we’ll get you set. Here are some really helpful links first off on scripting:

The workshop is really worth your while if you are just getting started with scripting… :slight_smile:

Too - there is a page on Macro usage for the TurboReg plugin. Did you find it before? I’ve not used this tool myself… so I can’t help too much with specifics - but perhaps by using the Macro Recorder (as described in the workshop) - you can find the code calls you need.

Hope this helps!

eta :slight_smile:


Hi Eta,

Thank you for the help. I tried looking at the macro page for TurboReg but I didn’t find that helpful, maybe after reading some more about scripting it will make more sense.
I also tried the macro recorder but this plugin is not recordable.

Thanks again,



Yeah - after I posted that link for you… I saw that there was actually no code in there. I invited the author of the plugin to this thread… so we can see if he replies. You could always contact him directly (but ideally - he’d join the forum and publicly post the answer to help out everyone)…

I was able to record the macro using the recorder. Do you get absolutely no code when you run it then? Make sure you have the Macro language selected in the recorder…