Help to determine the color of a selected channel

Hello folks,

I have a few different nd2 images, of which some have blue and red channels, while some others have blue, green, and red channels.

After I run(“Split Channels”), I want to determine the color of those split images. Does anyone know how to get the color of a selected channel? Thanks!

I don’t have any nd2 images to test, but if I recall correctly, you have to pay attention ahead of time and name the files based on the order of the split. Once they are split, it is no longer a .nd2 file, and so the metadata indicating channel color no longer exists (within the split images).

Notice in this person’s script they check the “C1” “C2” etc at the beginning of the new image name to figure out what to do with the channel. If your channel order changes between images (as opposed to simply the number of channels), I am not sure what you can do.