Help synchronization of 2 Thorlabs cameras CS2100M


I am trying to use two CS2100 cameras from Thorlabs in Micromanager. In the hardware configuration wizard, when I add the Multi-Camera device and one TSI device, only one camera is recognized but the software works. However, if I try to add a second TSI camera, the software simply crashes. Long story short, I cannot use the two cameras at the same time, but they do work separately. Has anyone met this type of difficulties, and if yes, did you find a solution?

Thanks a lot,

Hi @Marty,

Welcome to this forum. It sounds like something in the Device Adapter and/or driver is coded so that only one instance can work. Thorlabs maintains both of those, so it will be best to contact Thorlabs support about this issue.

Hi Nico,

Thanks for the answer, I will get in touch with them and let the community know if they provide with a solution.