Help installing the ImageEP plugin


I’m trying to install the ImageEP plugin to analyze mouse elevated plus maze videos. GitHub - neuroinformatics/ImageEP: ImageJ plugin for elevated plus maze test

I’m trying to read the readme down below the download to figure out how to get it running, but I have not had any luck.

How to build


LabJack U12

Download java inteface for LabJack U12

 $ curl -LO 
 $ unzip -p labjack.jar > lib/labjack.jar

Scion Frame Grabber FG-7

Download java package for Scion Frame Grabber FG-7

 $ curl -LO
 $ unzip -p ScionImageJDrivers/FG-7/ImageJ/SFG_ImageJ_Update64.exe > SFG_ImageJ_Update64.exe
 $ cabextract -p -F scion.jar SFG_ImageJ_Update64.exe > lib/scion.jar 

Apple QuickTime 7

Download java interface for Apple QuickTime 7

 $ curl -OL
 $ cabextract -F QuickTime.msi ./QuickTimeInstaller.exe
 $ msiinfo extract ./QuickTime.msi >
 $ cabextract -p -F ./ > lib/


Build jar package using Maven

 $ mvn package
 $ file target/behavior_EP121112.jar

Can anyone translate these instructions for a complete novice? What programs do I need to use? Is there an easier way to get this program installed? Or… does anyone know of a better program to analyze elevated plus maze videos using ImageJ?

Thanks for any and all help!