Help Identifying Primary Objects

I am new to CP, and hoping to extract simple size and morphology measurements from organoids, but can seem to get them identified correctly when using either the BF image or 8-bit processed/inverted with imageJ (pics attached)…I know this is super simple, but I’d really appreciate any suggestions on what settings to use in the identify primary objects module. Thanks!!

Test.tif (3.0 MB)

Hello @Dave2
You would need to adjust the size and threshold to be able to identify objects.
If you want to use the BF images, you could try this:
BF_Analysis_Test.cppipe (16.1 KB)

You can add other types of measurements and then export your analysis.
If you’re going to use the inverted images, you could uncheck (deactivate) Threshold and MaskImage modules, and follow the steps.

Here are some additional example pipelines:

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much!!! This works beautifully.

Thanks again, really appreciate the help!